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7th of November is the "Erekleoba" a public holiday in Georgia


The annual feast “Erekleoba” (the birthday of the Kartl-Kakheti King- Erekle II) was met in the most extraordinaryatmosphere and the best wine from Teliani Valley.

Traditionally, the "Erekleoba" public holiday is marked every year on November 7. On that day, some wicker houses are pitched at nearby territory of the museum. Telavi guests are offered with autumn gifts. There are works of folk manufacturing available in ethnographic corners; a trade exhibition of Telavi local painters is arranged in the open air. Theater performs plays specially dedicated to the day.

This tradition was established by the King Erekle II, who transformed his birthday into feast where every Kakhetian in spite of his rank and position were welcomed to make a toast to the beloved King. Three centuries later Kakhetians applied for this tradition. Hundreds of glasses were filled up with wines from Teliani Valley and the most precious toast were made in honour of the King Erekle II who is so much respected by the Georgians.

Teliani Valley has been awarded a Best in Show medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020