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Presentation of Teliani Valley's new "Glekhuri" (peasant) wine series.


On April 23, presentation and press conference of new wine "Glekhuri" (peasant) was held at the restaurant "Bina”, 3/5 Shardeni street in Tbilisi. “Teliani Valley” - the producer of this wine brand - was revealed for the first time at the presentation.

Series of Glekhuri wines includes Rkatsiteli Kvevri, Kisi-Mtsvane, Hashmis Saperavi, Alaverdi Saperavi, Ikalto Mtsvane. During ten days hundreds of people have been tasting and choosing the wines from unknown producer. The process of finding the taste was especially interesting for the Georgians. The variety of Georgian varieties, carefully selected by the wine maker and Georgian traditional method of winemaking united different consumers under this series. Wine lovers have chosen Sakeipo, Mosatsrupi, Sakhluri.

In the social networks a lot of videos and photos were uploaded by lovers of known and unknown wines as they tasted wine series "Glekhuri" and looked for the most desirable taste for them. Price is available to all segments of consumers of bottled wine.

The mystery of Georgian wine lies in its simplicity and splendor. Vine has always been the muse of a Georgina man. Nobody knows exactly when the Georgian man started to cultivate it, love it. But one thing is clear; vine followed the Georgian man, rejoiced with him and was filled up. For centuries it grew prettier, wiser and quieter. Georgian winemaker is still in search of the truth…" Discover and follow the wine"

Teliani Valley has been awarded a Best in Show medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020